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Table Talk for Women

by Sharon Lanfear

Published: 14/10/2015

A rumour...


I’ve heard this rumour. Now obviously I know that we should not gossip, but I've heard this rumour going around that women can talk! I'm not sure where it's come from but I've definitely heard it being said. Oh I know I can talk to some of my friends until the cows come home about all sorts of trivial, mundane and insignificant rubbish. 

For the last decade or more I have met once a month with the same group of women. We used to work together nearly twenty years ago and when we met we would talk about what we are going to eat that night and how everyone else we know is doing. You know, the kind of conversations that begin with "you'll never guess who I bumped into..........." And "do you remember that time when we/they were on shift and this happened………..". We can talk.

That said, rarely do we get to talking about the stuff that really matters, the important issues in the world. 

My friends, my ex-colleagues know I go to church, they know I have a faith, that I am christian, but it's not always right to bring it into conversation. In today's culture, many like my friends would be up for a conversation about it, but they do not want to be told. People don't want to be preached at. As an organisation we are trying to figure out how we create space to engage with our friends, to engage with those on the fringes or those way outside the life of the church in meaningful conversation. 

One of our resources is Table Talk, an enjoyable game specifically designed to encourage the type of conversation we’d like to promote. There will be a chance for everyone to have their own say, voice their own opinion on the topics at hand.

There are 14 different packs for engaging with various groups, from teenagers through to third agers. Table talk for women looks at six themes that aim to unlock meaningful conversations in a safe and non threatening way. There is a trivia section (girls night in) which is great for an ice breaker, especially for a group that may not know each other so well or a group that just want to have a giggle. The other sections go a little deeper with:

  • Superwoman: how do we know when our lives are out of balance?
  • Wellbeing: how do we find calmness in a frantic world?
  • Selfies: how do we feel about ourselves? how do we deal with the pressure from media to be little miss perfect? 
  • Relationships: does anyone know the real you?
  • Tough nuts to crack: an opportunity to explore some of the bigger questions of life. 

Table Talk For Women is a great way for nurturing friendships, deepening trust and sharing our selves. It's our story, but we are sharing it, in conversation with others.

Sharon Lanfear is the Operations Manager for the Ugly Duckling Company.

Table Talk for Women is available for purchase at http://www.theuglyducklingcompany.com/shop/productinfo.aspx?id=177