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Initiative Evangelism

by AgapeUK

Published: 03/05/2016

Questions In Initiative Evangelism


As we regularly take the initiative in evangelism how can we be most equipped to lead people to a point of decision to put their faith in Jesus?

One thing that can be important in moving this process along is transitioning from introducing yourself to, relatively entry level chat, through spiritual discussion, to engaging with the content of the Gospel and ultimately leading people to the point of decision. This might not happen in every single conversation, after all it is God that works through us to do His will, but we want to get used to giving everyone the chance to go as far as they are willing to go. The following is a list of questions you can use to make transitions towards the Gospel and getting follow up after the initial first contact.

Hi my name’s X. and this is Y. We’re both Christians and are trying to find out what students
believe about God; could we ask you a few questions about your spiritual beliefs?
Hi, this is Y and I am X. We’re from a couple of local churches and want to explore what students think about faith. Could we ask you a few questions?
My friend and I where just talking about what it means to believe in God. Can I ask, have you ever thought much about God?
Y and I were just talking about if anyone is truly good. Can we ask what you think?
We’re doing a short questionnaire about the spiritual beliefs of students. Would you have time
to answer a few questions?
Excuse me, Y and I are trying to find out what students think are the answers to the big questions of life. Could we ask you a few questions to see what you think?
My friend and I are doing a project called Soularium which uses art to explore people’s spiritual beliefs—would you be able to help us?

Have you got much of a spiritual background?
Is your family religious?
Do you believe in God?
What do you think God is like?
Do you think you can know God?
Does it matter if there’s a God or not?
Do you think God cares about you?
What happens after you die?
Do you think our choices in life impact what happens when we die?
Do you have strong beliefs about anything?
Does your life have any purpose?
Would you change anything about your life right now?
Do you think about spiritual things?

If you could know God in a personal way, would you want to?
Can I share with you what it means to know God personally?
If I told you could know God for yourself would you care?
Can I share with you the four core principles that lie at the heart of following Jesus?
We’ve got this booklet that explains how you can Know God in a personal way. Would you like to read it through with us?
I’d like to get your impression of this booklet I’ve read...
Do you know that God loves you and wants to be part of your life?
What do you think Jesus was trying to achieve? Did he succeed or fail?
Who do think Jesus was?
Did Jesus rise from the dead? Does it matter?
What do you think it means to follow Jesus?
Do you mind if I tell you how Jesus has changed my life?
Can I tell you why Jesus is worth following?
What do you think makes someone a Christian? Would you like to know?
Can I tell you why I think Christianity is exciting, true and life-changing?
Can I share with you what difference being a Christian makes in my life?
What do you think sin is?
If God is real, what do you think he feels about you right now?
If heaven is real do you think you deserve to go there?
What do you think the core message of the Bible is? Would you mind me sharing it with you?

Would you like to follow Jesus?
What’s stopping you putting your faith in Jesus now?
Would you like to invite Jesus into your life?
Would you like to start a new life with Jesus now?
Do you think you’re going to Heaven or Hell? Would you like to be sure?
Would you like to know for certain where you’re spending eternity?
Would you like to turn away from sin now and invite Jesus into your life?
Do you want to believe in Jesus today?
What’s stopping you from becoming a Christian?
Could you pray this prayer and mean it? (Show prayer from the Knowing God Personally Booklet.)

As we were talking you mentioned ... I’ve got an article about that at home. Would you be
interested in giving it a read and telling me what you think?
For example, see: www.bethinking.org www.carm.org
www.everystudent.com www.josh.org www.agape.org.uk/resources
I’ve got this booklet that explains very simply what makes someone a Christian. Would you like to take one home and read through it?
Would you like to meet up again and look at what the Bible says about Jesus?
Would you like to meet up again and look at what the Bible says about the issues you’ve been
talking about?
Would you like to meet up again and look at how the Bible answers some of your objections to Christianity?
You’ve had some great questions today. I’ve got to go now but would you like to meet again and talk about this some more?
Would you like to think some more about what we’ve talked about today?
Would you like to explore more of what it means to be a Christian?
Would you like to meet up again?
Can I take your mobile number so we can arrange to meet up again?
Is there anything I can pray for you about? Would you like to pray now?
I hang out with some friends of mine each Wednesday from about 3pm in the X pub. Why not
come and join us next week to chat some more about this?