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The Journey of Faith

by Laurence Brackpool

Published: 15/10/2014

Growing Friendships, Sharing Faith


When it comes to sharing our faith, many of us feel like failures because we put all the emphasis on the ‘end goal’ of someone becoming a Christian. In reality we are called to make ‘disciples’ (Matthew 28:19) which is first about making friends, then about walking alongside those friends, praying for them, getting to know them and at the right time sharing our faith. Although the step of ‘becoming a Christian’ is central it doesn’t start or end there. Generally, people gradually grow in faith, making a decision becomes a part of their journey.

Sometimes as we journey with our friends, it seems that they are never going to understand why Jesus is so significant to us. Yet, we do not know all that God is doing in their lives. To use a farming metaphor, we are sowers more than reapers. Our job is to persevere, to bless and to pray. As part of this we understand that one day someone else may be the one who gets to help our friends into God’s kingdom.

Many of the ideas on this website are simple ways of making friends, of growing friendships, and of providing opportunities that can lead to faith being shared.

Rather than looking into the distance and being overwhelmed because we think the task is to big, it's far better to make a start, to do what you can, and to leave the rest with God. So ask yourself what could I try today. Could you invite your workmates for a meal, host a film night or even start a walking group? It could be much easier than you think to witness to others, and you might find you have a lot of fun along the way.