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A light in every street

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Location Tried: City (suburb inner city city centre)
Estimated costs: £1000
Suggested frequency: Annually
Hosted by: Hope - The Next Chapter, with One Voice (Hull),Kings Breakfast and Try Praying.
Activity: Community
Author: HOPE
Published: 12/11/2014


People went to a stall in St Stephen's Shopping Centre each Thursday evening during Advent, marked their street on a map, and collected a professionally designed and printed prayer card and candle. Then, as the first star appeared on Christmas Eve, each lit the candle and as they placed it in a window, they said a short prayer - 'Jesus, Light of the World, please shine your light on me, on my family, on my home, on my street, on my city. Amen.'


The candle light on Christmas Eve, a reflection of the star over the manger, added a new tradition to local life and brought a focus on God back to a consumer-hijacked season. Local Christians were excited to hear good stories of people surprised by God as a result of the project and they are keen to repeat the event, to see what else God wants to do.


Over 3,750 candles and prayer cards were distributed around the city of Hull over Advent, with an estimated 10,000 people joining in prayer for the city and region on Christmas Eve.

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