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Location Tried: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: Free
Suggested frequency: Daily
Hosted by: Facebook
Activity: Community
Author: Adamgompertz
Published: 05/01/2015


Could you create a Facebook page combining your faith and other interests to connect with people? 'REVS Art' is a page developed by Rev Adam Gompertz, which he describes as - 'Automotive art by a bloke with a collar, who loves cars, loves Jesus, and loves sharing both of these things.'

Adam's page has caught the attention of 'Form Trends' who interviewed him as a feature for Christmas day. Here is a short excerpt of that interview:

'I love the idea of communities; so being alongside other car lovers is great. Each one has their own story of why they love cars, and that’s always very interesting. Part of being a priest is sharing in people’s stories, and having my own story to tell, which just happens to include cars and yachts and Jesus.' - See more at: http://formtrends.com/automotive-art-by-reverend-adam-gompertz/4/#.VKp7TsbA6WY


By featuring his design work and sharing his faith in the same space, Adam seeks to engage in conversations with others who love design.

Adam explains "I am a lover of all things automotive, and also of a God who delights in creation and beauty. This page is a way of combining the two, giving thanks to my creator, and enjoying the process of creation. I also love meeting people: So its open to feedback and sharing, and the building of community. Please enjoy it."


Facebook page featured on 'Form Trends' on Christmas day.

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