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Pancake party

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Suitable for: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: £30
Suggested frequency: Annually
Hosted by: Local church
Activity: Food
Author: HOPE
Published: 27/01/2015


Shrove Tuesday is a great opportunity to hold a party where you can invite your friends, work colleagues and neighbours round for a pancake. Your party could include the following activities:

Pancake racing – a tradition that apparently began when a woman was making pancakes and heard the church bells ringing, calling her to worship. Realising she was late, she ran out of the house with the frying pan still in her hand! Modern day racers usually have to toss the pancake a certain number of times before they reach the finish line, with their pancake intact.

Pancake tossing – willing participants can challenge each other to see how many pancakes they can toss in two minutes. The official world record stands at well over 400 times! With Lent starting the following day, Shrove Tuesday is a great time to get people to share what they would like to give up for Lent. You could ask members of your community if they would like to join you in raising money through Lent.


Celebrate Pancake Day, with fun activities, growing friendships and maybe discussing the meaning and purpose of Lent and Easter.


Fun, friendships, and food, paving the way for conversations about faith. This idea can be found on page 84 of Hope Heartbeat ©2013 HOPE08 Ltd. For more ideas, Hope Heartbeat is available for purchase from the website above.

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