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Taking lessons or assemblies

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Location Tried: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: £10
Suggested frequency: Annually
Hosted by: You
Activity: Community
Author: HOPE
Published: 03/02/2015


Many schools would welcome a visit from a Christian or a group from a local church to explain what Easter means to them, and what happened over 2000 years ago. Why not approach you local school and ask them how you can help? See the resources section for materials to help you get started!


There are lots of organisations who can help you deliver excellent schools work. Check out www.schoolswork.co.uk, www.yfc.co.uk, and www.scriptureunion.org.uk for more details.


Schools are right at the heart of the community and provide a great way to reach young people and their families. Don’t be daunted if you’ve never worked with your local school as Easter offers a multitude of reasons to get involved. Easter is part of the curriculum so teachers are often very grateful for help, plus this could be a great chance to start conversations about other ways your church could be a blessing to them over the whole year.

This idea could be done by one church, or in partnership with others in your area.


Schools are supported, and your faith is shared.

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