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Love your street

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Location Tried: Any or All Locations
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Suggested frequency: Daily
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Author: HOPE
Published: 03/02/2015


Pick a street to adopt. It could be where you live, where your small group meets, or a road you walk down regularly on your way to work, school, or the shops.

Pray for your street

You could pray for your street every time you walk down it, or set aside a specific time each week or month. Thank God for the good things that you see there. Pray about the bad things, asking him to bring change. Ask God what you can be doing to make a difference in that street.

Take action

As God leads you, start to do things to bless that street and make it a better place. It could be as simple as picking up litter as you walk down it, or perhaps you will see a greater need in that area such as meeting someone who is homeless and in need of some food.

Make friends and be hospitable

Purposefully and prayerfully start relationships with people who live or work on your chosen street. Start with one person or family and commit to praying for them, and blessing them in any way you can. Open up your home and practise hospitality by inviting people around for dinner, or a party.

This idea will be best driven by individuals, but could be adopted around villages, towns and cities with someone co-ordinating which streets have been adopted, so that each one is covered. It would be fantastic to have regular prayer backing up the initiative, praying for situations arising in streets and keeping each Christian covered in prayer as they seek to bring God’s Kingdom to their street.

Find out more at www.loveyourstreet.org


Wouldn’t it be amazing if each street of our community had someone who was committed to praying for it and making it a better place? As individuals, families, small groups, churches and Christians across villages, towns and cities we can make that a reality by adopting a street each! It’s a great way to start getting involved in your community and understanding its positive and negative aspects.

Anyone can put this into practice and you don’t need any resources to make it happen!


Transformation will gradually happen, people will be prayed for and the street will become a nicer place to live.

This idea can be found on page 88 of Hope Heartbeat ©2013 HOPE08 Ltd. For more ideas, Hope Heartbeat is available for purchase from the website above.

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