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Lent collection for charity

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Suitable for: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: Free
Suggested frequency: Annually
Hosted by: Youth group
Activity: Community
Author: HOPE
Published: 09/02/2015


A practical way to help a charity while also getting your young people thinking about physical and spiritual ‘junk’ in their lives.

What’s the idea?

At the start of Lent ask your young people to go through their wardrobes and put anything they have not worn or used for six months, in a bag. At Easter, ask them to bring in anything in this bag, which they still have not worn or used. Together, take all the contents of these bags to a local charity shop.

Encourage the young people to be really honest about how much they can afford to give away. Challenge them not to go too easy on themselves. On the other hand, try to make sure they are not being over-zealous and giving away a great deal, of expensive items, unnecessarily. It might be wise to let parents know what you are doing so that they can help.


Help your young people to learn the importance of sacrifice and helping others, teaching them valuable life lessons, connected to the period of Lent, remembering Jesus’ sacrifice. Provide an opportunity for them to share what they are doing with their friends.


A challenging learning opportunity for young people, and an opportunity to witness through sacrifice.

This idea can be found on page 93 of Hope Heartbeat ©2013 HOPE08 Ltd. For more ideas, Hope Heartbeat is available for purchase from the website above.

Hope Heartbeat

Other requirements

Risk assessment

Additional requirements: Involve young people's parents.

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