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Hope Into Action

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Location Tried: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: Varies depending on housing.
Suggested frequency: Daily
Hosted by: Local church
Activity: Other
Author: HOPE
Published: 16/02/2015


Enabling the church to house the vulnerable.


‘Hope Into Action,’ has a vision for every church in every community, to provide accommodation and support for at least two vulnerable homeless adults.

‘Hope Into Action’ began, when a group of Christians opened a house for an ex-offender and an ex heroin addict. The house was linked to the local church who offered pastoral support, ultimately seeing the first tenant get baptised and the second become a Street Pastor. In less than two years they opened a further eight houses, with a number of others in the pipeline, and a passion to see churches across the country replicate the same model.


Helping people out of poverty is full of challenges, but one of the root causes of poverty is often a deficit of love and relationships in lives. The homes ‘Hope into Action’ offer are tools to enable the church to reach people and meet their deeper, relational needs and then transform lives. This is not a short-term commitment. Volunteers will need to be willing to give time to build relationships with those who are housed. They must be willing to work through any setbacks and deal with disappointment along the way, but there is great opportunity to see God transform people’s lives.

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If your church is thinking about buying a house for vulnerable people then get in touch with ‘Hope Into Action,’ and they will be able to advise you on housing regulations, assessments of tenants, management of clients, housing benefit, rent collection, tenancy agreements and tenancy law, investor input and returns, and much more. They will also train your church members in mentoring skills and guide them in their relationships with the tenants in the house.

Contact details:



01733 558302


‘Hope Into Action,’ do not offer rooms in a house, they offer a home, meeting the essential needs of having a safe place and an opportunity to be in genuine, loving relationships. Each person who was previously homeless, becomes surrounded with love, prayer, positive role models and mentoring from members of the church.


This model is a great way to put your faith into action. All you need is a small group from your church to engage with and form relationships with vulnerable people. ‘Hope Into Action’ also provide a model where you can share your investment capital with the poor by investing in a house for a minimum of five years and getting a return on that money, while at the same time seeing vulnerable people helped.

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