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Holy Noise

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Suggested frequency: Daily
Hosted by: You
Activity: Music
Author: hdschutte
Published: 25/02/2015


Connecting Scripture with pop songs. Think about what you are feeling when you read a bible story, and if there is a pop song that you can connect to it. Post the scripture and the connected song on Facebook.


We want people (young and old) to re-think worship music, and show them that there are some great pop lyrics out there. We wish to help them be creative, and look at the bible from a different perspective, helping them to connect, or re-connect with Scripture.

Every day during Lent we are posting a bible verse, and a pop song online.


We started this last year (2014) in the Netherlands. There were over 1200 likes on Facebook, with 50,000 views in 40 days.

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