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Contact for Christ

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Estimated costs: Free
Suggested frequency: Daily
Hosted by: You, a local church or para-church organisation.
Activity: Community
Author: ContactforChrist
Published: 03/06/2015


Contact for Christ is an agency which puts people who are investigating the Christian faith in touch with someone local who can help them find answers to their questions. It has provided this service to enquirers (aged 16+) in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland since 1976.

Contact for Christ is a unique service in that it requires all of those who wish to become a "Contact for Christ" to be registered: to complete an application form and provide the names of two referees. The Contact for Christ register is comprised of around 950 Christians drawn from a wide range of evangelical churches.

When we receive an enquiry at our office in Selsdon we forward the details to a locally based Contact for Christ, who subsequently provides a short written report on how the enquiry went. This level of accountability and feedback has meant that organisations such as United Christian Broadcasters and the Christian Enquiry Agency (among others) refer those wanting help from a local Christian to us.


• A central point for handling enquiries. Many enquirers are reluctant to approach a local church directly, often fearing that they will receive visits or be bombarded with literature. Contact for Christ offers these people the opportunity to receive information and help with the assurance that no further contact will be made unless they specifically request it.

• A Freepost response address. Literature used in your outreach can use our Freepost address (subject to our agreement) which often encourages a response.

• National coverage. Those who respond to an evangelistic outreach are not always from the area where the outreach is being conducted. Contact for Christ is able to find a local Contact for Christ nearly anywhere in the United Kingdom and Eire.


A story from one of our contacts:

'The request came whilst I was on holiday, however, I phoned him on my return and met with him in his home in my local town. He has moved about two years ago from Sussex to “start a new life” and to be away from parents who still try to dominate his life following years of abuse as a child! His story is heartbreaking.

He has always thought of himself as being a Christian due to a) baptism as a child (b) doing all the good he can (c) and helping in charity shops as a volunteer. He was travelling on a bus and saw a telephone number displayed on an advertisement for “help in understanding the Christian message”. However, he phoned for a book and subsequently responded with a request for my visit. When I met him he willingly offered me his problems and wanted to start life afresh!

After 1 1/2 hours of discussion and explanation of the "steps of faith" he declined my offer to allow him time to think things over, with me calling next day to get his decision - but asked if I wanted to pray with him and tell him what to say in his prayer. So he was led to the Lord and he has been asked to contact a man he knows well to join him in a local church. I saw him the next day and he has been given daily Bible readings to cement his decision. I intend following up again in a few days time. Thank God for bus advertising!'

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