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Author: TheChristianEnquiryAgency
Published: 28/07/2015


When you have conversations with your friends, family and neighbours about your faith, you may find they have questions that you struggle to answer, or they may wish to explore further information privately.

One website that could help is www.christianity.org.uk. Christianity.org.uk is a helpful, simple website for those seeking to discover more about the Christian faith.  From questions about persecution, to finding a discussion group or church, there are many useful resources provided.
Christianity.org.uk is operated by the Christian Enquiry Agency, part of Churches Together in England.


The purpose of the website is to inform people about Jesus Christ and Christianity. It is our hope that men and women will take steps of faith and become ever-closer followers of Jesus Christ as a result of what they discover. It is our prayer that having an active faith will improve their lives.

The 'Christian Enquiry Agency' responds to enquirers by giving them what they ask for, and only what they ask for. Typically, people might ask to be sent part of the Bible that tells the story of Jesus (a Gospel). They might request our hundreds of supporters to pray about something, ask a question about Christianity or seek a local church where they can explore issues of faith.


Further exploration of the Christian faith, connections made and answers discovered.

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By Kathryn on 09/08/2015

Just add the URL to your evangelistic literature and church website - it is easy evangelism.