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The Delusion of Evolution

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Author: newlifepublishing
Published: 08/09/2015


'The Delusion of Evolution' is a high-quality, 68-page, magazine-style booklet, which is an invaluable resource for everyone interested in the origins of life or studying biology at any level.


Presented in a clear and accessible magazine format, the scientific evidence presented in 'The Delusion of Evolution' is strong and credible, demonstrating the case for Intelligent Design and inviting readers to discover their designer for themselves.

In addition to affirming faith in our creator and helping readers respond positively to books such as Richard Dawkins ‘The God Delusion’, 'The Delusion of Evolution' is perfect for anyone who finds evolution a barrier to faith. It is also an excellent resource for students studying biology.

Having already sold more than 45,000 copies, this revised and expanded sixth edition of 'The Delusion of Evolution' has been completely redesigned in a compact, more convenient format.


The 'Delusion of Evolution' is perfect for anyone who finds evolution a barrier to faith, demonstrating the case for design in creation and therefore a Creator.

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