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It's Your Call

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Hosted by: New Life Publishing
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Author: newlifepublishing
Published: 08/09/2015


The exciting new discipleship magazine from New Life Publishing that’s perfect for use in church or outreach


Using an engaging blend of personal stories, Bible passages and clear explanations of the key points, 'It’s Your Call' is a brilliant discipleship tool that leads the reader to think about six of the key issues of life, in a non-threatening way. At every stage the reader is given plenty of food for thought, and on each occasion they are asked to make their own mind up – hence the name It’s Your Call.

Perfect for use in church for new enquirers, in home groups as discussion starters, and in outreach as a follow-up to evangelistic materials like New Life Newspaper.

Topics covered: Relationships, Meaning to life, Freedom, Truth, Hope and Purpose, along with a section on faith by Britain’s foremost evangelist, J.John.

From the back of the magazine:
Life is all about decisions and the choices we make… from what cereal we have for breakfast in the morning, to what we do for a career… What we decide can make a huge difference to our happiness, health and, ultimately, our eternal destiny.

What do you believe about who you are, why you are here, and where you are going? Do you think there is a God, and can you have a personal relationship with him? You may already have strong opinions about these ideas, or you may not. But one thing is sure – they are such important questions that you’d be crazy not to give them some serious thought.

This magazine tells six fascinating stories of how other people have discovered answers to these questions, and gives you the information you need to help you make up your own mind. But at the end of the day, it’s your call. You decide!


'It's Your Call' is designed to lead an interested person through to the point of decision to follow Christ

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