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24-hour fast

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Suitable for: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: Nothing
Suggested frequency: Annually
Hosted by: You/your church
Activity: Food
Author: hope
Published: 22/09/2015


A 24-hour fast could be a great way to raise money for a local, national or international project that helps to feed people who are in need.

Participants could fast for just one meal if they're unable to complete a full day's fast, or else they could fast from another activity for a longer period (e.g. not buying chocolate or fast-food for a week and donating the money saved).

If you hold the fast through a school, consider putting on an activity over the lunch break, such as a prayer time for people who are starving in parts of the world.

As alternatives to a full fast, young people could:

  • eat half portions of their meals and donate the money saved

  • exchange their dinner money for a piece of fruit, or a protein bar

  • be encouraged to donate their change from their lunch.


God has given us so much, this is a chance to give up some of our own comforts, so that people less fortunate can receive from them. The mission of God includes our vocation to feed the hungry. Taking part in this fast will hopefully help us to consider their needs, further our giving and campaigning for change.


Awareness of food poverty raised, and the hungry are fed.

This idea can be found on page 130 of Hope Heartbeat ©2013 HOPE08 Ltd. For more ideas, Hope Heartbeat is available for purchase from the website above.

Hope Heartbeat

Other requirements

Health and Saftey
Risk assessment

Additional requirements: Health and Safety could be concern for certain people, if they have health problems that require them to eat at least a certain amount each day.

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