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Message in a bottle

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Location Tried: Housing estate
Estimated costs: £20
Suggested frequency: One-Off
Hosted by: n/a
Activity: Outdoors
Author: Chrisduffett
Published: 15/09/2014


We decorated 6 bottles and placed poems in them for people to find. We prayerfully hid them around a housing estate, asking God that they wouldn’t be seen as a nuisance, but instead that people would find them, be drawn to read them and be blessed by them.

Here is the poem:

This message is for you, A little ditty, yes it’s true.
You’ve found it, tipped it out and now it’s in your hand.
That you would find it is somehow strangely planned.
It’s a poem to remind you how precious you are,
You are loved and known by God (do you know him?) He is not far.
God see’s your heart ache and also when things are just right,
Please keep going, keep strong. God wants to hold you tight.
You see, despite what you’ve gone through, you will always be God’s child.
When you were born, you weren’t a mistake, God smiled!

Under the poem I had written: If this poem has helped you in any way, go and hide it back in the bottle for someone else.


This ‘message in a bottle’ idea is an non-confrontational way of allowing people to discover something of the Christian faith.

Non-confrontational ways of sharing faith help people to ask questions and explore together. It seems to help people to have an opportunity to ‘have a go’ and participate in something of the Christian faith that the gospel seems to speak loudest.

The bottles were hidden in the community with the prayer that as someone found one, they would in turn hide it and pass it on. The poem was written by me as I sat in ASDA café enjoying a cup of tea. I must admit, even by my poetry standards, it is quite cheesy! If you would like to copy it and have a go at hiding it in a bottle somewhere in your community, please do and let me know what happens!


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