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Harvest: Celebrate your community

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Suitable for: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: £0-£10
Suggested frequency: Annually
Hosted by: You/your church
Activity: Community
Author: hope
Published: 22/09/2015


It may not be the first thing that springs to mind, but being thankful for where we live is an important attitude for churches to adopt. In spite of the headlines and falling red lines on statisticians' graphs, churches still have incredible potential when it comes to local communities.

Your church could connect with your neighbourhood in multiple ways:

  • Photo collage; get together in groups - with friends, neighbours and people from the church - and take some cameras out and about in your community. Take photos of the good things you see, and the positive changes that have been made. Come back together and create a positive community collage.

  • Hit the press; Gather all of your local papers and cut out any pieces that you think show actions that are worth celebrating. Compile all of your cuttings into a collage and display it in, or outside of, your church.

  • Get out and ask people in your community what they love about where they live, and what could make life in your area even better. You might be surprised by what you hear. Find ways to share your results so that everyone can see the positives.


These actions can help people appreciate the positive rather than negative aspects of life in the local community. This could increase morale in the community for the Harvest season.


The community is celebrated.  There may be a growth in relationships between church and the rest of the community.

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