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Commissioning and thankfulness

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Author: hope
Published: 22/09/2015


When someone gets a new job, or is promoted, it is something to be thankful for, and perhaps to acknowledged as a whole church. Furthermore, a new job is not just a source of provision; it is an opportunity for mission and ministry. So, in the same way a church would pray for a new Pastor, it is hugely encouraging to commission someone for their new job or their new role.

Ideally, the prayers would have three main thrusts:

  • Reflect an understanding of the job to be done; how it contributes positively to others, the place it will be done and the skills required.

  • Reflect the conviction that the Christian goes into the workplace as a representative of the Lord Jesus, carrying his commission, and confident in his promise to be 'with' his disciples 'to the very end of the age' (Matthew 28:19-20).

  • Reflect the conviction that the Christian goes into the workplace as the individual representative of your church. Thank God that he has given your community an opportunity to make an impact in that place.


The importance, and potential, of workplace evangelism is reflected in the life of the church. People are valued, encouraged, and reminded of the opportunities they have been given, to share Jesus in their normal work activities.


Church members encouraged in their day-to-day mission.

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