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Praying for business and work places in your community

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Author: hope
Published: 23/09/2015


One of the things a church can do is thank God for the businesses, shops and organizations you have in your area. You could be proactive, telling local shopkeepers or businesses that the church will be praying for their health and prosperity (Jeremiah 29:7). You could even ask them if they have any particular requests. A pastor, from a small town, went to the local shops to ask for their prayer requests. You could ask individual members of a congregation to do this, or to adopt a shop/business that is or was significant to them. This is also a great way of engaging with the local community.

You could also invite local industries to make a display in church over the Harvest weekend, or celebrate what they do with a DVD about them: including things to celebrate and things to pray for. Maybe invite local business people to come and represent their industry, thank them for their contribution to community, and pray for them. You could link up with a number of churches in the area to make sure different industries are honoured within your community.

Extra Ideas:

  • Come to church dressed in your workplace clothes.

  • Bring examples of your work to church.

  • Visit your congregation in their workplace.

  • Run clinics for people in your church and community who are looking for work, offering help with CV writing, job applications and interview skills.

  • Develop a church CD library with resources for workers to listen to as they commute, or make your Sunday talks downloadable from your website and recommend other good podcasts.

  • Have a map on the wall in your church indicating where people are employed.


Businesses are vital to alleviating poverty. People need help, food, medicine, shelter and stable honest government. But they also need jobs. Praying for your local businesses to be fruitful, and effective will help them to thrive.


Business owners supported, the community flourishes.

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