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School Pastors

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Author: HOPE
Published: 06/10/2015


In February 2011 a sister organisation to Street Pastors, called School Pastors, was launched nationally after several trial projects. School Pastors aims to reduce bullying, anti-social behaviour and drug use, in addition to removing learning barriers. They mentor young people within a school setting, and patrol outside to break patterns of negative behaviour at the end of the school day.

Top tips for working in schools:

  • Build a relationship with schools first.

  • Ensure the team perform ‘professionally’.

  • Ensure you are thoroughly rehearsed.

  • Be prepared for the unexpected, including heckling!


School Pastors was setup by the Ascension Trust to be an expression of its vision, for the church to engage in social action in urban areas. School Pastors seeks to help the church to be relevant and connected with society, supporting safety and reducing anti-social behaviour.


Improved safer learning environment for pupils. Improved relationships between church and school.

Visit www.schoolpastors.org.uk for more information.

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