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Uncover the Bible

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Author: HOPE
Published: 13/10/2015


‘Uncover’ is a Christian Union campaign to help students engage with the gospel. It is a series of six seeker Bible studies, written by Rebecca Manley Pippert; international evangelist and author. It is designed to be read in a coffee shop or bar, between friends, whether in a one-to-one or a small group setting.


The aim is to empower ordinary students to share the gospel with friends, who perhaps would not come to church or join a course like Alpha. The campaign has already seen hundreds of students come to faith in Christ and joining their local churches.


Calum Taylor, a geography student at Hull University, talks about the impact Uncover has had in his university context:

“Our CU is passionate about seeing the students at Hull discover Jesus. A number of us have gone through Uncover with our friends. Through using it, I am able to say to my friends: ‘Have a look with me at this guy called Jesus — I think he is awesome that I want to live for him, let’s see what you think!’  It is important to have a warm and honest atmosphere that our friends are comfortable to open up in: Uncover is ideal for this. As I went through the studies with both of my friends, each time they discovered more about Jesus, they became more and more excited about the relationship that they can have with him.“

Find out more at www.uccf.org.uk/uncover, or take a look at UCCF’s apologetics website: www.bethinking.org.

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