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Location Tried: City (suburb inner city city centre)
Estimated costs: £10 initial cost
Suggested frequency: Daily
Hosted by: Local Church
Activity: Outdoors


This is a street outreach activity using a medium sized chalk board, which is placed in a prominent position. It is a good idea to have a team standing near the board to answer any questions and listen to people’s response.

The well-known phrase God is nowhere also reads God is now here, which turns the negative premise on its head.


Faith sharing often starts from the premise that all people have a problem and they need to know it.

While I understand this idea and terminology (we all have or have had a broken relationship with God), I would much prefer to start with the ideas of people’s worth, value and being ‘made in God’s image-ness.’ To see that while our relationship with God may be damaged, his attitude towards towards us is positive. I want to show that people are known and deeply loved by God, so much so, that he would give His very best for them.


The play on words can make people think. One guy kept reading the sign seeing the words ‘God is nowhere’. After a little while he then saw that there is different way of reading it and wanted to ask questions why we believed God was with us.

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