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Café in a Box

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Location Tried: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: Nothing
Suggested frequency: Any or All
Hosted by: Your church
Activity: Sports
Author: HOPE
Published: 13/10/2015


Café in a Box is a great resource for inspiring churches to run a youth focused café, using any sporting event as a catalyst to gather and welcome their friends. Aylesbury Vale YFC have utilized the experiences they have gained, to set up over 20 youth cafes through local churches and council. In addition, they have poured all of their learning into a complete guide pack, which can be downloaded from www.cafeinabox.info.

Whilst the major sporting events are the obvious headliners, local events are just as key an opportunity for the local church to engage with. Providing refreshments and hosting for the Salford 10K, the Suffolk Sevens or the North Shore Surf Tournament will relate much more directly with those participating and watching, because for them the event will be a major commitment.


Sport as a ministry, has enabled churches across Britain to share who they are with those who live around them, in relevant ways. Churches have a great opportunity to put themselves at the heart of their community through national and local sporting events.


Local events supported and people cared for.

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Other requirements

Marquee Hire
Health and Saftey
Risk assessment

Additional requirements: Depending on location.

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