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Hosted by: Fusion
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Author: Fusion
Published: 27/10/2015


The universities and the colleges of the UK are gathering places for a whole generation of young people. Less than 2% of this generation has been reached by the transforming message of Jesus.

The ministry of Fusion emerged in 1997 as a response to a shared vision across the Church, to address the challenges of a changing student world.

Fusion's belief is that God’s passion is for a dynamic student movement, one that will see universities and colleges won for Christ. Fusion is fuelling the fires of a national student movement, equipping Students by:

  • Inspiring evangelism, resourcing discipleship and preparing new students for university serving churches 

  • Connecting students to church, catalysing mission and strengthening church-based student work developing student workers:

  • Training, resourcing and encouraging all those in student ministry

How are they doing it?
Fusion's values underpin all that they do, and outline how the mission of Fusion is outworked. They are committed to being: Biblical, relational, missional, catalytic and inclusive. Fusion works in partnership at all levels of our organisation. At present they serve in conjunction with around 30 organisations, denominations and church streams. They look to be inclusive, and labour alongside those who wish to see a significant move of God in the universities of the UK.

Why not contact Fusion and find out how you can work with them to connect with students in your area?


Fusion loves working with a diversity of people, and draws on their experience through a number of teams that play a huge part in serving, governing and shaping this exciting work.


A wider range of people come to Jesus, and transform their lives in his presence.

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