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Visit each of the pubs, in Nativity fancy dress

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Location Tried: Town (town centre)
Estimated costs:
Suggested frequency: Daily
Hosted by: You.
Activity: Community
Author: Chrisduffett
Published: 08/12/2015


You could visit all of the pubs in your town, even the dodgy ones, dressed as a character from the Nativity.

I usually carry gifts with me and combine it with some of my other ideas (see http://evangelismideas.org/search.aspx?author=Chrisduffett ), but the most effective tool has been offering beer mats. Pub managers love them (they are a good free gift) and those drinking in pubs usually accept them with thanks.

For this year I hope to produce some beer mats produced in good time for Christmas available for you to use for a suggested donation to The Light Project. There will be the simple story of the nativity on one side and on the other with phrases like:

'Don’t forget to whet the baby’s head this Christmas.'  
'It’s a baby boy! Celebrate this Christmas the gift of Jesus for you!'
'Happy Birthday Jesus!'
'Remember to raise a toast for the King’s birthday this Christmas!'

If you would be interested in ordering some beer mats, without any obligation, please contact me at chris.duffett@lightproject.org.uk and I will send you a link when the mats are ready.


Some of the deepest, most heart-felt conversations have been in pubs while I have been dressed up as a shepherd or angel! The costume creates a talking point, being dressed as an angel tends to disarm any macho intent, and allows for further conversations.


Good conversations about Christmas.

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