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Bitter Theology

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Author: SamGibb
Published: 25/02/2016


Pub-based: A Bitter Theology is an evangelistic resource aimed at encouraging discussion around the Word of God and the person of Jesus. Whereas much evangelistic material centres around specific meeting times, Church Halls and structured evenings, A Bitter Theology can be arranged within hours on any night and all that is needed is some mates, a pub and a little bit of cash. As well as discussion and debate around theology a good amount of time can be spent tasting and rating local beers.


Unstructured: One of the aims of A Bitter Theology is to be relatively resource-less. This prevents the awkwardness of presenting friends with a study guide, or homework or even a list of questions to work through. Instead the only material is a set of beer mats with various topics of discussion, quotes from the likes of Richard Dawkins, C.S Lewis and even Ricky Gervais to debate, and a number of though provoking questions.


Jesus-focused: Although the material is simple and the discussions relatively unstructured, the intention is unashamedly to share Jesus and to bring those in the group to recognise him as LORD and Saviour. For this reason Jesus, who he is and why he came, is a central thread throughout the pack.

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