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Stir Pack 1

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Location Tried: Any or All Locations
Estimated costs: £4.00
Suggested frequency: Daily
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Activity: Other
Author: ReignMinistries
Published: 29/03/2016


The Stir Pack is a pre-evangelism course that helps get young people started on the path toward God by answering the 'So What' question first. Produced by Bicester-based Reign Ministries, it uses discussion, video clips and other illustrations to 'stir up' the many spiritual thoughts and feelings which already exist within young people. The resource is printed across six, high-quality cards, each containing a session guide and links to external resources.


The Stir Pack can be used for meeting up with one person in a coffee shop or as curriculum for a small group of young people. There are 6 initial lessons. If young people stay interested, there are up to 2 terms worth of lessons to use. We have tried to keep it simple so you can grab one card and put it in your pocket, ready to go with little prep.


Stir Pack 1 aims to stir up the spiritual thoughts and feelings that already exist in each young person. The interactive design allows the leader to pause and point out these thoughts and feelings in young people as a natural part of the conversation. Once young people begin to identify their spiritual thoughts and feelings they create a new place in their life for God. When they understand and experience that they have a place for God they can take steps to connect with him through Jesus Christ.

You can read about youth workers using the Stir pack here: http://reignministries.co.uk/mythbuster-teenagers-just-arent-interested-spiritual-things/

Stir Pack1 can be order here: https://www.youthscape.co.uk/store/product/stir-pack

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