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3 2 1 App

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Author: RevivalMedia
Published: 09/05/2016


3-2-1 is a simple Gospel presentation that describes God the world and you. It is broken up into three simple steps:

3: God is three Persons united in love.
2: The story of the world is the story of two representatives.
1: You are one with Adam. Be one with Jesus.

If you want to go deeper with these points, you can download a 15 minute videos for each section.

3-2-1 was written by Glen Scrivener (@glenscrivener). The course videos were filmed with help from The Crowded House.

- can save and watch videos for latter use.
- videos are saved to your movies folder, so you can easily copy them off your device, or play them in another app.
- 8 languages
- swipe left and right to progress through the text presentation.
- swipe from the left of screen to open up the menu; or press the button on the top left
- can move app to SD Card


Turn your smartphone into an evangelistic toolkit - be ready to share, anywhere. Watch videos, explore faith, find translations, all at your fingertips.


You are ready to share the Gospel anywhere, at any time.

To download the app visit Google Play.

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